Beware Exclamation Points!!!!

This is a warning about marketing, and while the main subject is not food, the idea is still there.


Doesn't matter how good it smells, it's still garbage.

Doesn’t matter how good it smells, it’s still garbage.

Most air fresheners on the market are chemical cocktails and research indicates they can increase problems with allergies and asthma (if not also contribute to lots of other health problems). I mean – IT’S A BUNCH OF CHEMICALS THAT YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BREATHE IN!!!!! To top it off, companies aren’t required to list all of their ingredients because they are protected as “trade secrets.”

So why do I hate the Febreze commercials in particular? Have you seen the one where they take people (theoretically not actors) and put them in a room filled with moldy food, rotting things and all kinds of nastiness. The people say how fresh and clean the room smells.

OK, so the Febreze makes icky odors go away. But does it kill the mold in the air? Does it make your environment clean and healthy? Does it make that food safe to eat? NO. NO. NO.

It’s all marketing. It’s all a mask. Sure, we all like to have our houses smell nice, but what kind of problems are we covering up by using these potentially hazardous products?

Same goes for food.

You can add fiber to a product, but that doesn’t make it heart healthy. You can take out the fat (but add chemicals and sugar). Food can be organic and still have too much sugar and fat.

A good smell can just mask a dirty house (and might make you sick).

Food additives can make the front of the label look good (and still be bad for your health). 

Take your health into your own hands. Find natural ways to make the house smell good (and keep it clean too). Read the INGREDIENTS on  your food (and ignore the front of the package).

Have you ever been tricked by marketing?


2 Responses to “Beware Exclamation Points!!!!”

  1. Carrie says:

    I swear this is my excuse for baking so many delicious cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. Natural way to make my house smell amazing!! 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Cooking is an EXCELLENT way to make a house smell good. One of my favorites is crock pot apple sauce.

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