Chocolate Covered Pickles

What?! I’m talking about pregnancy food. And NO, I have NOT eaten chocolate covered pickles. I’ve actually barely had pickles since my pregnancy started, and chocolate has (unusually) played a pretty small part. But pregnancy has DEFINITELY changed my eating habits.

Note: Not my belly! More belly shots to come soon….

The first few weeks I was pretty normal. Eating as usual. Then the nausea hit. I can’t quite call it morning sickness, because it didn’t kick in until the afternoon, then lasted until I slept. Thankfully I did not puke. Not one single time! But I felt like it, often, and came close once or twice (no more Indian food for a while!).

I had all of these great dreams of the totally awesome and nourishing whole foods diet I’d consume while pregnant. Not only did I think I was going to continue eating what I had been (lots of quinoa, brown rice, cooked veggies, etc), I thought I was going to add new things in! More smoothies! Healthy fats! HA! During my 4 weeks or so of nausea, I basically lived off fruit, croissants and the occasional piece of meat. A salad here or there would sneak in. Maybe some eggs. No longer could I eat my beloved avocado. Cooked vegetables turned my stomach.

For a limited diet, I could have done much worse than fruit, croissants and meat. Berries are my new favorite food group. People have asked if I have cravings. I don’t so much have cravings as I just know what foods DON’T turn my stomach. I’m now finished with the nausea phase and well into my second trimester. But cooked vegetables still turn me off (I almost gagged while trying to chew Brussels sprouts a few weeks ago).

But I’m finding my rhythm. And I know that I’m giving little Banana (the baby) ¬†good, whole foods (most of the time). My foods: fruit (almost anything), salad and raw veggies, meat (meatballs, burgers and eggs mostly) and I’m squeezing some cheese in there for some calcium (yogurt and calcium rich leafy greens now also turn my stomach – though I have a massaged kale salad I want to try). And you know what? I enjoy it.

It’s what my body wants right now. I’m getting nutrients. I’m getting protein. And I’ve been able to add some good fats back in (some nut butters, some avocado, etc).

If you’ve been pregnant, what was your food experience like?


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