Don’t Diet – Live Healthy!

Sounds great, right? Don’t diet, live healthy. How happy would everyone be to never “diet” again? Perhaps some day the word diet will actually mean “what people eat” instead of some thing that someone goes on and off of, repeatedly.

Sadly, this awesome tagline came from a commercial for Healthy Choice – Top Chef meals.

Sounds great!

Frozen and packaged foods CAN be useful. And there are definitely worse options out there than these products. I did my best to find you an ingredient list of some of these “top chef” meals. However the Healthy Choice website has ZERO INGREDIENT listings. And a Google search only resulted in old formulas. I promise to update the post soon with more info.

If you’re going to do frozen/packaged food, PLEASE read the ingredients first. The rule of thumb is “if you can make it yourself at home, you can buy it – if you need a science lab or a chemistry degree, put it back.”

Most importantly, don’t rely on frozen meals. There are still quick recipes that you can cook once and eat multiple times (one of my favorites is Cheesy Baked Quinoa).

Do you have a favorite quick and easy FRESH recipe?

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