Embracing Change

The Last Quiche (For Now)

While it’s been a little quiet here on the electronic front, it’s been busy out there in the real world. I have a number of recipes (with tasty photos) to share with you over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. But really, I’ve been working on CHANGE. As it relates to (mental) healthy and food, my big change was a number of years ago. Then I moved to Florida, left behind some awesome local food, and adjusted to having a new roommate (now husband). My food changed a bit, and not always for the better. So now…I’m getting it back on track.

Change is hard.

Change takes time.

Change is neverending.

Change is fun.

Wait. What? It’s fun, not always, but it can be.

Change sucks. BUT lack of change can lead to guilt, which sucks more, and is totally unnecessary.

Yeah, that’s often what it feels like. Confession time: I don’t always eat the way I think I should eat. I LOVE CHEESE. But cheese does not love me. So after months of ever-worsening allergies, tonight is my last quiche for a long time. I’m not cutting out all cheese from now until eternity, but I’m going back to my “very rarely and only if it’s really, REALLY good cheese” rule. Honestly, I’m anxious about it. But I’ve done it before and I can do it again. Aside from almost no cheese, my husband and I are picking one new recipe a week so we can broaden our day-to-day recipe collection. So far so good (again, recipes and pictures to come). I let go of guilt over food a long time ago, and changing food habits is hard, but it can be done.

Exercise. This is one area that I have ALWAYS struggled with. But I’ve now made it FUN. I’ve got a house, the house has a pool, the pool has water in it (a prerequisite) and the water has me in it. I LOVE SWIMMING. And I decided to MAKE A CHANGE. For many years, I considered myself a yoga person. My old email was “yogagirl” and I was known as “the yoga girl” around my college campus. I still love yoga, but unless I’m teaching classes or I live next door to a studio, I’m really bad at doing yoga regularly. For a long time I felt guilt over not having a “good” yoga practice.

Now I’ve let go. And embraced change.

As soon as I let go, swimming became easier. I can love yoga. And I can do yoga, but I don’t have to do it every day, or even every week. But I do have to do something. So now I swim. And for almost three weeks, I’ve been swimming more days than not. I even got goggles (and noseplugs because I’ve got nose issues). Next on my list is a hair cap. If everyone is really nice to me, I’ll even take a super embarrassing picture and share it with you soon.

A few tips on how I make changes:

  • Make 1 or 2 at a time
  • Know your WHY
  • Pick a change that’s achievable in the near future
  • Recruit help (like asking the person you live with to do it with you)

I’ve got at least another month or so of working on more new recipes and daily swimming before I add another one. What changes have you started recently or do you want to add in?

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