Falling Off the Wagon

It’s not how many times you fall off the wagon, but how many times you get back on.

Wagons & Food

Diets. Forbidden foods. That extra cookie. Daily exercise. Weekly exercise. EXERCISE. Chocolate. Ice cream. 

You get the point.

How many times have you sworn to yourself that you will do/not do something….then it happens anyway? What happens next? For many of us it’s GUILT. Such an ugly word. And an ugly feeling. There are times where guilt is appropriate, particularly if you knowingly did something to hurt SOMEONE ELSE. But when you do something toyourself, guilt usually just makes it worse. It’s so easy to “slip” when on a diet, then you figure the rest of the day is shot, might as well enjoy it. Right? WRONG!!! Don’t fall off the wagon, look at the wagon and ignore it. If you fall off the wagon, GET BACK ON!!! 

Even better, DON’T FALL OFF! First, get rid of the guilt and practice forgiveness, it’s much easier to move forward. Second, instead of setting yourself up for a fall,SCHEDULE A STOP. Schedule a wagon stop, hop off (sounds much more comfortable than falling, right?), tell the wagon driver to drive around the block, enjoy that brownie/cookie/pizza and GET BACK ON THE WAGON.

It took me 6 months of lifestyle changing to find the foods that made me feel good. Then it took another 6 months or so (and a few ugly days) to figure out my stop schedule. I learned how often I can eat sweets/bread/pasta, and how much of it I could have, before it would affect me emotionally. This was HUGELY empowering!!! I have far fewer mood swings, and when I do, I know exactly why I have it and I am IN CONTROL of myself! In the end all we really want is control, and food is one thing that we have control over.

But GUILT puts the food in control.
Take back the control.
Take back the food.
Take back your LIFE.

The Food Matters program is all about getting back on the wagon, and staying there.

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