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It’s time for another baby post! This one is a month overdue (which the baby will NOT be!) but better late than never.

If you haven’t already read about how totally awesome my baby is, start here. When it comes to things out of our control, the kind of baby you have DEFINITELY is out of that realm (I never thought, “Whatif my baby doesn’t have two hands?”). I don’t care how many blogs you read about when to have sex to have a boy or girl, most of this baby-making stuff really is up to a higher power (if you believe in such) and/or an incredibly complex and variable system of genetic roulette. We had no control over the genetic roulette, but we do have control over how we raise our child and what we teach little Banana.

Baby Bump

A huge thank you to for the awesome baby bump shots!

My husband and I are excited and consider ourselves lucky to be the parents of this child. Does that mean we’re not anxious about having a kid with a limb difference? No. We’ve got our worries. Mostly those worries revolve around how do we make sure this kid grows up with all the self-esteem and love available. And of course how to deal with strangers.

We can’t control strangers, but we can choose whom we surround ourselves with and look up to. Within a day of getting “the news” my hubby found a fabulous blog, Born Just Right, all about a little girl with a similar limb difference to our baby. I immediately clicked with the author and reached out to her to chat. Turns out she has family right here in South Florida and she offered to meet up with us over Christmas vacation.

The meeting was wonderful for all of us. We know we have support. We know we’re not alone. And we also know that a limb difference does not have to change anything. Banana still has all of the opportunities and options that any other child has.

Can’t wait to meet you Banana!

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