For the Love of Food

I love food.

And today is the day about love, right? I’ve always loved food, but my food didn’t always love me. If you’re not familiar with my journey with food/anxiety/depression, you can read about it over here. It took some time, but eventually I was able to love food AND still feel good (have my food love me). Here are my quick tips on getting your food to love you back.

  • Start with good food. This means whole, fresh, ┬áhomemade (or could have been homemade) food. NOT stuff with ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • Make time for food. It’s so easy to rush about our day, eat while working/watching tv/playing on our phones, but food IS necessary for LIFE, so give it the time something important deserves. I’m still working on this.
    • Turn off the TV. Turn on some good music.
    • Sit at the table.
    • Put down the fork between bites. This is super tricky to do at first, but is the one mindful eating practice I do more than anything else.
    • TASTE your food. Notice the texture and flavors in your mouth. This is especially important when eating those “treat” foods, like a great chocolate. If you’ve ever eaten a whole piece of cake/bag of candy and felt like you didn’t really TASTE it, you need to practice this one.
  • Pay attention to how you feel when you eat your food. Reactions to foods (I’m talking about sensitivities and digestion, NOT allergies) can take hours or even days. I feel my roller coaster from sugar about 36-48 hours after eating the sugary food. Elimination diets and food diaries are a great way to begin noticing how your body reacts to food.

I didn’t do these steps over night; it was more like over half a year. But it was SOOOO worth it. I added in the good food, and noticed how I felt. Then when I ate the trouble foods, I noticed how I felt. My emotions (and my food) had control of me for so long, but I loved my food, and insisted we had to work together.

So I got my control back, and my food loves me again.


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