Garden Update, or, I need a bigger tomato basket

As crazy as my tomato garden got, I LOVE it. This first season of container tomato gardening was QUITE a learning experience. My first harvest is done, and the second round of fruits is coming in now on both the Cherokee purple and yellow pear tomatoes. And my pepper plants are FINALLY blooming!

Here’s a visual record of the last month or two….

My piles of tomatoes just SCREAMED, "We need faces!!!!"

Tomato towers

My first pepper bloom! Now I have almost 10 plants blooming.

The tomato basket! This was not even its most full....

Things I learned from my tomato garden….

  • There is no such thing as a big enough pot.
  • Organic pest control = daily grooming
  • Worms/caterpillars/squirrels are cute until you have tomato plants.
  • Those plastic clamshell containers from berries keep squirrels away from tomatoes (I’ll try to find pictures).
  • Patience is easier to talk about than to practice!
  • It takes a REALLY long time for tomatoes to ripen.
  • And I can now look at the leaves and guess what kind of bug is attacking my plant.

I’m going to get whatever I can out of my second harvest and I’m already excited for next season!



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  1. ray says:

    Nice pictures! What tomatoe varieties are you growing in those pics, particularly the black variety and the yellow pear shaped tomatoes?

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