Get Pissed Off About Food

In case you’re not friends with me on Facebook or Twitter, you might not have seen this article I posted:

Everyone’s Favorite Vegetable, Frozen Pizza by Tom Philpott on Mother Jones.

School District Pizza

photo by Ellie Strikes Weird on Flickr

THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! Food industry lobbyists have spent MILLIONS of dollars fighting legislation that can help our children be healthier. Some argue the government has no place telling people how to feed children, but as far as I’m concerned, as long as the government is subsidizing school lunches, they can do just that. These recommendations were based on SCIENCE (remember that thing that proves stuff?). The arguments against healthier lunches were based on GREED (remember that thing that blinds people from sense?).

Pizza is not a vegetable. And nobody needs to eat potatoes every day. We elect people to places in Congress, thinking they will make decisions based on what we want. In reality, they are voting for the lobbyists, who have the money, so they can make more money. THIS MUST STOP!!!

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