HeartCamp Recap!

THAT was an amazing Saturday (actually, just an amazing day, that happened to be Saturday)!

The goal of HeartCamp (a product of the intelligent, giving and amazingly connected Maria de los Angeles) was to bring together lots of folks to present, discuss and learn about all things heart related. Speakers covered relationships, yoga, life experiences, SEX (woohoo!), health and so much more. My presentation after lunch covered Heart Health: Mind & Body. We talked about foods to fight heart disease, some unconventional views on heart disease (like eggs & coconut oil are good, and sugar matters more than fat) and then I talked about my personal journey of eating right to be HAPPY.

I really liked this PPT I came up with.

One of my favorite slides!

It’s hard at a Camp style even to see everyone you want, but here is more information on my favorite speakers:

  • Arnie & Michelle Roza from Heart’s Desire International gave an amazing (two part!) talk about the biological/chemical differences between men and women. They shared lots of ¬†useful information on how to take that knowledge to make relationships better. They are local to South Florida and offer seminars and consultations.
  • Dr. Elizabeth King of the International Holistic Center talked about the power of hypnosis to help people move beyond whatever is holding them back. She shared her personal story of how hypnosis manages her pain and allowed her to walk again (when the doctors said it would never happen). She was an inspirational speaker!
  • Dr. Sonjia Kenya – America’s Sex Educator – spoke about, well, SEX. In a relationship, one person has the masculine energy, the other female – and in Dr. Sonjia’s terms, cake and ice cream. Relationships work best when there is cake AND ice cream (the roles can switch). Check out her site for lots of great articles and advice.

There were many more awesome, speakers, but I just couldn’t manage to get to all of them.

I’m so honored to have had a chance to participate in HeartCamp and I can’t wait until the next one!


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