Homegrown Veggies! Or How My Garden Grows

Vegetables are good for you? Check. Fresh food is good for you? Check. Fresh vegetables grown in your own yard?! CHECK!

Ok, this isn't veggie related, but isn't it pretty?

My thumb isnt’ the greenest, but it isn’t quite black. So this year I’m trying a reasonable sized (or so I thought) container veggie garden. I’ve got lots of yard, but the soil isn’t great and my dog runs over EVERYTHING. I’m growing: tomatoes (Cherokee purple and yellow pear), bell peppers (red and purple), hot peppers, peas, Brussels sprouts (just to see if it works), kale, spinach, lettuce and some herbs. I’m just going with a few of each so as to not totally overwhelm myself, and to see what grows well in this climate. Enough chatter, here are some pictures! Expect updates through out the season (Florida has a winter growing season, for those of you not in the area).

My baby tomato plants. I started the seeds in toilet paper roll seed starters, then slowly upgraded.

There was an orange "tree" (kind of bush like though) at our house when we moved in. The blossoms had me excited....

Baby TOMATO!!!! This is about 4-6 weeks after the first picture.

I promise next time there will be some pictures of the full tomato plant.

Pea shoots - these popped up fast and are coming along nicely

Itty bitty oranges...now to see if they develop

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