Humorous Nutrition Headlines

Seeing as how what I do is all about wellness and food, I read quite a bit on those subjects. Newsletters, RSS feeds, Twitter and magazines all end up in front of me. The sources range from research papers to local  newspapers. A day barely goes by where I read a headline and shake my head. Some of these headlines are equivalent to: New Research Shows Benefits of Breathing Air!

Here are some that have come across my desk:

  • 100 Calorie Snacks Often Come Up Short on Nutrition – Really?! You mean small packs of nutritionally devoid foods are just as nutritionally devoid as the full size?! I would have never guessed. Most of the 100 calorie packs out there are of crackers, cookies and sweets. Crackers, cookies and sweets are not generally known as great sources of nutrition. The goal of the 100 calorie pack is to REDUCE SERVING SIZE, not introduce nutrition.
  • Physical Activity Cuts Mortality Risk in Metabolic Syndrome – So in other words, exercise makes you healthier. I for one am glad that research was finally done showing exercise is actually GOOD for you! Wow, the things you learn….
  • Sugar-Sweetened Drinks May Pose Heart Risk to Women – Empty, sugar calories are bad for you. There is no health benefit to soda. Our brains are programmed to love things with extra sugar, so people love soda. And juice, and any other beverage with added sugar. If you want to reduce heart risk, eat and drink things with nutrients, not with empty, sugar calories.
The moral of the story is, be careful when reading nutrition research. And especially be careful when buying a product that has “research” based claims written on it. Stay tuned for future posts on more of the obvious!


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