In the Beginning….

…there was food.

Food is a necessity of life. So chances are, you have a relationship with food. Whether or not that relationship is a positive, productive one, I don’t know. My own relationship with food has been interesting, and is still changing. Like most people I know, I grew up eating lots of processed foods and simple carbs. Pasta, cookies and sandwiches were daily choices. And I spent much of my life dealing with anxiety and depression; food was definitely something that would comfort me. I was lucky enough to not have weight problems, but eventually I realized the food I was eating was affecting how I feel. Changing my relationship to food was necessary for me. Switching from pasta, bread and sugar to vegetables, fruit, whole grains, meat and beans made a HUGE difference in how I feel.

I don’t consider what I did changing my diet, I changed my relationship with food. I still eat cookies, drink coffee and enjoy the occasional hamburger, but I choose my foods carefully. When I let my relationship with food sour, I end up cranky, moody and less than pleasant to be around (ask my last roommate or my husband).

I still love food, but I make sure the food loves me back.

I use food to feel good, but I use different food than I did before.

I eat food with few ingredients and minimal processing.

I drink a green smoothie every day, and I like it!

Surprised at how GOOD my green smoothie tastes.

Whatever your relationship with food, I hope you’ll find this website useful. Expect to see recipes, pictures, updates on research, tips on eating, tips on life and anything else I think helps me feel healthy and might help you. So come back, see how things are going here. And enjoy!

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