It Ain’t Pretty, It’s My (Apple-Pear) Butter

What do you do when your food share gives you more pears and apples than you know what to do with?


Oh yeah. It’s delicious. And I’m taking a picture with my DSLR with one hand so I can hold the bread up with the other. NOT EASY.

I do like to eat locally and seasonally, so since moving to Florida I have skipped the fall apple frenzy (and the following apple sauce frenzy). But in the last two weeks I ended up with over 10 pears and 20 apples. My husband doesn’t eat them (not in their “natural” state and I can’t eat that many). And reading all of those great posts and recipes for all things fall (it’s fall? it’s 90 degrees outside!!!) made me think of butter.

The Lazy Chef should be the title of this blog. While I love cooking, I do my best to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. So I love my slow-cooker. And I do my best to minimize sugar exposure (so fewer ingredients are better). After reading various fruit butter recipes online, easy was the way to go.

All chopped up and ready to go. I LOVE not peeling.

In the VitaMix and ready to blend – be careful, it’s pretty hot, but this step is why you can leave the skins on! Go lazy chefs!!!

All smoothed out and ready to cook down










Here’s my simplified Apple-Pear Butter Recipe:

  1. Get a bunch of apples and pears. I used at least 25 total (kind of forgot to count). A variety of types and flavors (tart and sweet) make for the best results (true for apple sauce as well).
  2. Wash them.
  3. Cut them (I used a slicer for the softer ones, a knife for the harder ones).
  4. Don’t worry about peeling them, you can blend the skins away later. And skins have lots of good stuff in them.
  5. Cook it.

A few more details on the cooking step. I added all my slices to the slow-cooker and left it on low for 8 hours. The next morning (I cooked overnight) I carefully placed all of the mush in my VitaMix and blended until smooth. Then I put the smooth mixture back in the slow-cooker and left it on low for a few hours (I had to run out). When I got home I turned it up to high, left the top off, and checked it every 30 minutes until I liked the consistency. DONE.

All jarred up and ready to cool

You can add cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of citrus juice. Really anything that sounds tasty. Because I’m a lazy chef and didn’t want to worry about canning procedures, I just tossed it in a jar and put it in the fridge, vowing to finish it quickly. I started in on it right away 🙂

What’s your favorite fruit butter?


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