Oh Baby!

I know, somewhere along the line this blog got hijacked by my as-of-yet-unborn baby. Food is just nowhere near as  interesting as it was before. I’m still careful to get lots of fresh, whole foods into my body to nourish this (ever-increasing-in-size) baby. And I still have to eat foods that I enjoy, but getting pregnant makes you think about your priorities!

So, I wanted to let you know what to expect in the near future:

  • A really cool, totally unique baby will born soon! And of course I’ll post some pictures and a quick update.
  • I will continue to post new recipes and food insights as I come across them.
  • For a while, we’re going to switch over to a “favorite links” format for most of the posts – recipes, food help and more.

I appreciate the support from all of you! Thank you in advance for sticking around during this most wonderful time of transition with me.


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  1. Anu says:

    Just wanted to say HI!!! And am sharing your amazing journey with you. When is the baby due? U think it will be an Ides of March baby? đŸ™‚

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