Quick Bite: Ant Food

Welcome to the Quick Bite! This will be a regular feature on the blog that gives a quick little lesson in food. I’m not the kind of person to get really detailed and tell people exactly what and how to eat, that’s a very personal decision. I’m not into counting calories (or points) although I respect people who do it. I like to give clients and friends simple, easy rules of thumb to think about when shopping. So enough of the intro…it’s time for a Quick Bite!

If ants won’t eat it, you shouldn’t either.


I realize that's a donut, but the picture is perfect!

While chatting with a friend one day about processed food, I was informed that ants don’t like Pop Tarts. This friend goes camping regularly and noted that ants will bypass Pop Tarts for just about anything else. Some reports say the ants will eat the jelly from the inside, but still don’t touch that outside. Sure, there are some real foods out there ants won’t eat (dried beans, dry pasta, etc), but overall, if an ant decides it’s not good enough to eat, don’t argue!!!

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