Quick dinner

I love food, I love cooking, I love cooking food quickly.

I also love eggs, and I had an abundance of eggs in my refrigerator. So I boiled a bunch (saved some for breakfasts and snacks) and made a simple egg salad.

My egg SALAD dinner

This isn’t a real “recipe” with measurements, just make to taste. I diced my eggs and added mayo and paprika (I’m a real mayo girl, I don’t use it often, but I love it). Feel free to use any mayo replacement, or some olive oil. Some mashed avocado will also give you the creamy texture (and healthy fats). I added some fresh lettuce from my CSA (community supported agriculture) box – GO LOCAL! Sliced up a beautiful tomato, plopped on the egg salad, and topped it with chopped scallions (also CSA local). The salad was dressed with a dash of ume plum vinegar and a delectable garlic olive oil a friend gave me. DONE. Aside from the boiling time, the whole dinner came together in under 10 minutes.

Optional add ins: onions, sprouts, cucumber, celery – I love crunchy veggies with my egg salad.

How do you like to make your egg salad?


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