Quinoa-Black Bean Patties

This recipe is courtesy of Vegetarian Times. Before continuing I want to be clear, I am NOT a vegetarian or vegan. I eat meat. I love meat. I like my steaks bloody and juicy. BUT, I choose my meat carefully, and don’t eat it daily. Most meals in my house are veggie based, with protein from grains and beans.

I try not to think of these as burgers, or burger replacements, merely food in patty form. We did not have them on a bun (as the original recipe suggests). It just so happens that patty form is a great way to have these!


For the original recipe, please go here.

I had mine with avocado and (please forgive me) ketchup. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a ketchup addict (much to my father’s disappointment). My husband enjoyed his with a bit of BBQ sauce. I think it would also be delicious with salsa, a yogurt based spread, or any other number of toppings.

Avocado makes everything better

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