Signature Dish – Part I

When it comes to food, there’s nothing better than fresh, whole food, in a homecooked dish. There are plenty of recipes that my husband and I make at home on a regular basis, but I’ve been searching for a few years for my “signature dish” that I can bring to family dinners and parties. A few years ago I brought cranberry quinoa to Thanksgiving (with brown sugar pecans and pomegranates) and let’s just say after that, I was told what recipe to make for each family event.

The finished dish, so light, so crisp!

This year, I redeemed myself. I contributed two recipes to the family Thanksgiving dinner (the same group that shunned the cranberry quinoa a few years back) and they were both HUGE hits! The first, is a nice light dish, Lemony Brussels Sprout Slaw, that makes an excellent side dish/salad/dip. Everyone was SHOCKED to find out the sprouts are raw. Thank you New York Times!

For the recipe, click HERE.


I ended up using more sprouts, and a little less dressing. I did NOT have to drain it after it sat overnight.

When I saw sprouts on the stalk I had to get them. They were so fresh and didn't need any trimming.

This was my first experience with my food processor's shredding blade. It was amazing.

At the top of the post you can see the final product. It took me about 20 minutes to throw together and the leftovers managed to survive from Thursday to Saturday. I’m sure it would be good a few more days, but it got devoured. I can see making this dish for lots of family events and any party. Sure, everyone likes baked goods (my new favorite is coming up next) but as someone who does health and food for a living, it’s really nice to have a great veggie signature dish. Stay tuned for my new signature sweet!

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