Signature Dish – Part II

If the Lemony Sprout Slaw had your tastebuds going, just get a look at this beauty!

My new favorite cake!

My other new signature dish, that will definitely make an appearance annually around the holidays, if not at other times, is theĀ cranberry cake. Props go out to The Kitchn for this recipe. Once it was served I believe the words “excellent” and “phenomenal” were used.

For the recipe, check outĀ The Kitchn.

This is the easiest cake I’ve ever made (the stand mixer helped!). It looks like too many cranberries when you mix it in, but I promise you, it’s not! And I did reduce the sugar in the batter a bit.

This is my favorite new kitchen gadget, I've named it Lisa, after my dear, red-headed friend who makes lots of pies.

I STRONGLY recommend the pecan topping. It adds a depth to the flavor, and the texture is great. Next time I think I'll try a whole grain flour too.

After about an hour in the oven, the delicious cake you see at the top of the post is the result. I whipped up some fresh cream to top it off. I LOVE the lightness of the batter and the zing from the cranberries. Absolutely fantastic!


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