Sweet, sweet sugar

Mmm….sugar (I write this only half an hour after eating some ice cream). I have been sensitive to sugar for as long as I can remember. And when you add that sensitivity to pregnancy hormones, let’s just say it gets interesting. With my diminished appetite and rapid fullness lately, I’ve been a touch picky with my food. More bread and simple carbs have found their way than I’d prefer (and my mood swings show it!). Thankfully I can eat cooked vegetables now, so I am taking a turn. 

But basically it comes down to this:

So what’s a sweet loving gal (or guy) to do?

  • find less sweet alternatives (dark chocolate instead of a candy bar)
  • brew your coffee to be smoother (try cold brewing) so you can add less sugar
  • try actual whole grains and whole grain flour (perhaps it’s time for a blog post on this)
  • check your protein intake – for some folks if protein gets out of whack, sugar follows
  • and if you’re in the south Florida area, check out Sugar Crash Course

If you’re a reader type, check out some more links on topics related to our culture’s obsession with sugar.

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