Thank You 2011!

Because it’s the thing to do….a quick look back on 2011….

One year ago I was unpacking in my new house.

One year ago I was engaged and planning a wedding.

In March…I got married!

In March my HUSBAND and I went to Costa Rica.

I attended two different weddings for fabulous people I know and love.

I started my amazing vegetable garden.

This was my creative idea for using an old fountain at my house. Also keeps the dog out.

I turned 31.

I built my own WEBSITE!!!

Found my vision for myself and my business.

Played with many new recipes in my awesome new kitchen with my awesome new kitchen toys.

I even named them, Lisa is on the left, Maddy on the right.

Spent lots of time with wonderful friends, especially here at our new house.

Thank you for joining me in 2011….here’s to an amazing 2012!

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