Thanksgiving Hangover

We did it. My husband and I managed to combine both sides of our family into one giant Thanksgiving dinner. It was selfish really; we were tired of alternating between his dad’s house and my dad’s house every year. Altogether we had 29 people at our house on Thanksgiving (30 if you count the neighbor who stopped by to get an onion – 31 if you count Baby Banana).

And OH, did we have food. 

Long shot of the table. In summary – 2 turkeys, 1 ham, 2 taters, 3 veggies, 2 salads and a partridge in a pear tree.

It was wonderful. Everyone loved it and we got to start a new (joint) family tradition with everyone.

But I overdid it. I did too much (but it was worth it!). Between cleaning, cooking and the party itself, it was a bit much for this pregnant lady. Not only did I pull a stomach muscle (kinda painful when pregnant) but it drained my energy. Add to that the heavy food and minimal raw veggie-ness (which I need to counterbalance) and it was a sluggish weekend.

This was definitely not the most out-of-balance I’ve thrown myself in recent years, but it’s definitely a good reminder. I can absolutely enjoy heavy foods and tasty sweets, but the raw veggies and healthy things have to be in there. And while pregnant, perhaps not every area of the house needs to be cleaned at once. The holidays are a tough time for many people. Many demands, social events and lots of family time. These are all good, but too much of a good thing can get you into trouble.

My prescription for myself – lots of sleep, lots of salads and fresh fruit.

What’s your holiday self-care prescription?


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  1. Jacob Maeroff says:

    It was 32 people, counting Baby Banana’s little cousin! 🙂

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