Veggie Heavy: A New Smoothie!

It was time for a change. I love my kale/spinach with bananas and strawberries, but I was craving some SERIOUS vegetables.

The smoothies are made by taste. This one had two medium carrots, three celery stalks, half a cucumber, one red bell pepper, and some ice and water to make it work. The veggies get roughly chopped…..

Then toss it all in and away we go. The smoothie ended up being a bit on fiber heavy side. So I put it through some cheesecloth and ended up with a fabulously light and smooth juice. I actually was eating the pulp left in the cheesecloth and would love some ideas on what to do with the fiber in the future. I’m thinking perhaps in a pasta sauce, or maybe used in quinoa/bean patties. Do you have any uses for what’s leftover after juicing?

Smoothie (before straining)

Some cheesecloth magic.....

The Juice!


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  1. Jay Auerbach says:

    That smoothie looks delicious. Where do you typically buy your vegetables? I am looking for fresh and local!

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