Where in the World Was Rachel?!

I’ve been busy finding my “zen”

You might have noticed a slight hiatus here on Natural Zest. My last post was about change, and now it’s about change and priorities. It’s been a blessing that for over 10 years, my boss has been myself (more or less, most of the time). Self-employment teaches you many, many things, and for me the biggest lesson was prioritizing and time management.

The most important thing (to me) is self and family.

If I’m not a priority for myself, then I can’t be there for my family, or friends, or clients. Doing it all just doesn’t work for me. This past year has come with lots of changes and challenges. I had to prioritize myself and my family to get through to today (and there’s a fun announcement coming with that!!). Part of that prioritizing meant stepping away from my blog and newsletter. At first I felt guilty (AHHH!!! The “G” word!). But then came acceptance that I was doing what was best for myself and those I cared for.

I’ve missed my writing. And mostly I’ve missed connecting with people whose interests fall along the same lines. BUT – I’m back! And I’m back with a plan (another important part in mental/physical health and prioritizing). The blog and newsletter are warming back up and hopping on track. SYSTEMS will be in place to keep long term hiatuses from blocking my flow. And….


I’m pregnant!!! Yup. That’s right. That’s me, hiking Mt. Rainier at 12 weeks pregnant. Now I’m 16 and counting (with a more noticeable bump!)…..

This has been only a part of the changes and challenges of the last year. And of course presents a number of NEW changes to work with. So, welcome back to my journey, I’m glad to be here and I hope you are too. Over the course of my next two trimesters (and birth, etc) I hope you will enjoy my food journeys and lessons on life balance (there’s always more to practice and learn!).

Later this week…hear all about what happens when a foodie who loves veggies gets pregnant and can’t tolerate cooked veggies any more. And my new favorite recipe that is HEALTHY, tasty AND accepted my baby belly.

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